Wolford Public School and its Parent Council hosted a Farewell Celebration last Friday which was attended by approximately 300 people.

“It was an opportunity for staff and students to come together and celebrate their time at the school,” said Principal Jeff Curtis. “Members of the community who attended Wolford over the years were able to get involved and celebrate the life of the school.”

Wolford will be closing at the end of the school year. Next year, students will continue their education at Merrickville Public School and Duncan J. Schoular Public School.

The evening began with a song created and performed by students called We Are Wolford, sung to the tune of We Will Rock You. Following the performance, organizers played a slide presentation detailing the school’s history by decade based on pupil interviews of former staff and students. It offered stories about school train trips, turkey luncheons, visits by area wildlife, sporting successes, and other activities at Wolford.

Afterwards, families were invited to tour memorabilia rooms, and to visit on the playground while children enjoyed activities outdoors


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