We reached out a hand – you filled it with love


On behalf of the Kemptville Cancer Support Group we thank you.

The front page of the NG Times newspaper with our member Christine’s picture and write up was answered by so many generous people and we have to thank the Times for allowing us the space to share her story.

The people in our area are so full of compassion for those in need. The amount of money received to date from the NGT front page information and Go Fund Me will enable Christine immensely during the next months until she is able to overcome her cancer and get more positive results from her lympth node. Christine needs a lot of rest daily.

One of our members, Robert Carmichael has set up a EXL file to keep us abreast of both Go Fund Me and CIBC accounts and has faithfully updated each one daily. A big thank you to the lovely ladies at our CIBC bank who have been following our input in the account as well. The struggle continues and Christine has more tests scheduled this month. It would be a plus if people making deposits in the CIBC account could send e-transfers. Many thanks.

Just in the last couple of weeks, a gentleman by the name of Craig McCormick joined our campaign and has been instrumental in designing CJ’s BRIG AID logo and has donated 320 tie dye “Anti Bullying” paracord survival bracelets for Christine’s cause. They are for sale at Saltastic, Hudson Auto Body and KrisAlis at the moment. The price is $5.00 each. CJ’s BRIG AID car decals will be available in the near future.

Canadian Tire has reached out to us and will be donating proceeds from their annual employee auction. They also offered space at the store for a bake sale. This will be brought up at our meeting on September 16th and hopefully we will be able to hold a sale sometime in Oct if space is available then.

Christine is so appreciative and this is her message:

“It is impossible to put into words exactly how touched and overwhelmed I am by the generosity of our community. I cannot thank each and everyone of you enough. To all my family and friends who have been there for me since the beginning of all of this thank you. You mean the world to me. To all of you who so generously offered your support and love thank you from the bottom of my heart. To Ellen and Robert and Craig and the Kemptville Cancer Support Group, your kindness and support is so incredible. I feel so blessed to live in and be apart of a community that has such a large heart and whose residents truly care for each other. Thank you all so much”

God Bless you all,
Kemptville Cancer Support Group


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