Few North Grenville residents could reasonably claim not to have seen the distinctive blue Camaro which has made many appearances throughout the Municipality in the past few months. The car was a raffle item – a big, shiny, expensive one – with ticket sales supporting the ongoing fundraising efforts aimed at bringing a CT scanner to the Kemptville District Hospital. 

After raising an astounding $200,000 in ticket sales, the contest has a lucky winner! Todd Durie had the winning ticket for the shiny blue Camaro, and he picked up his prize at Myers Kemptville on November 2. In a final twist, November 2 happens to be Todd’s birthday! It’s safe to say that the car was the most expensive birthday gift Todd has ever received. 

In addition to the usual festivities that would be expected upon the awarding of such a grand prize, employees from Myers Kemptville joined KDH Foundation representatives to mark the event, and one final touch was used to adequately mark the occasion – a birthday cake for Todd, complete with the singing of “Happy Birthday” by those in attendance and candles for Todd to blow out. 

The car is likely to become a “gift that keeps on giving,” if Todd chooses to pass it along to his sons one day. The key word is “if”!

Congratulations Todd, and kudos to all those who bought tickets to support the CT scanner fundraising efforts. The $200,000 made a significant dent in the campaign which is still ongoing. 


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