Kemptville District Hospital at the Crossroads, part 6


by Lynne Clifford-Ward, KDH Foundation

The Kemptville District Hospital Foundation is in the process of raising $2.2 million to bring a CT Scanner to the hospital. What follows is the Hospital’s chronological story, how it came to be, how the community has generously supported the Hospital over the decades, how it has physically transformed since 1960 and why the current fundraising campaign is such an important Crossroads for the hospital and the community.

Pictured here in August 2023 alongside the new Anesthesia Ventilators, with funding provided by the KDH Foundation: (l-r) Taylor Shelp, RN, Jennifer Ellis, VP, Nursing/Clinical Services and Chief Nursing Executive, Tanya Deans, RN, Manager, Clinical Programs, Dr. Colin Sentongo, Chief of Staff, Kelly Richer, RN, Surgical Care Unit Team Leader, Chelsey Green, RN, Epic Coordinator, Margret Norenberg, Foundation Board Chair and Frank Vassallo, KDH CEO. Photo by Jenny Read, KDH.

What exactly is a CT Scanner?

A CT Scan, or Computerized Tomography Scan, according to the Mayo Clinic description, combines a series of X-ray images taken from different angles around your body. Not only does it provide more detailed information than plain X-rays, a CT Scan helps to diagnose disease, internal injury, blood clots, fractures, brain and spinal cord diseases and certain types of cancer and bowel disorders. A CT Scan can also help physicians plan medical, surgical or radiation treatment and monitor the effectiveness of certain treatments. 

What will a CT Scanner mean to the community?

Having a CT Scanner in Kemptville will mean that physicians do not have to ask favours from other overburdened hospitals to bring KDH patients to use their CT Scanner.

It will mean that an urgent care patient will not require a 100 km round trip in an ambulance to an Ottawa hospital, then wait again – perhaps for hours – before having a CT Scan. 

It means that in-patients at KDH, when they are unwell and at their most vulnerable, will also not need to ride in an ambulance to a hospital in Ottawa or elsewhere for a CT Scan. Instead, it will be a quick ride down the hallway in a gurney or wheelchair to the KDH Digital Imaging Department.

It will also mean that non-urgent patients will be able to have local CT Scan appointments, saving time, wear and tear on travel, costly parking and navigating unfamiliar hospital hallways.

It will attract new physicians to KDH who expect a CT Scanner as part of their “tool kit”, enabling them to confirm their diagnosis and provide early management of the medical issue.

Supporting the CT Scanner Crossroads Campaign

The United Counties of Leeds and Grenville, the Municipality of North Grenville and the Hospital combined have pledged two million dollars to build the space to house the CT Scanner which will be connected to the Digital Imaging Department. It is the current goal of the Kemptville District Hospital Foundation to raise $2.2 million to purchase the CT Scanner technology. More than six decades after Winchester District Memorial Hospital provided the community with an ultimatum to build a hospital in Kemptville, in 2024, the CT Scanner is the Hospital’s new Crossroads challenge. 

Foundation Board Chair Margret Norenberg commented, “Kemptville has a very generous town spirit. That’s what a small town is all about.” 

Help us bring the CT Scanner, an urgently needed diagnostic tool, to Kemptville. Know that your generosity will be greatly appreciated and will help the entire community by bringing the best quality care close to home.

For more information, stories and events about the Crossroads CT Scanner Campaign, including how you can donate, see: The Crossroads Campaign (



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