by Jane Adams

Dundas Manor Residents will get the keys to their new home with lots of dining room space.

It’s a win-win!

The WDMH Foundation is pleased to announce the Raise the Roof Lottery in support of the new Dundas Manor Long-Term Care Home. Join in the fun and you could be driving away in a 2024 Jeep Wrangler … all the way to your local Foodland to spend thousands of dollars in grocery gift cards!

“Help dreams come true and buy your tickets today!” says WDMH Foundation Managing Director, Kristen Casselman. “This is the most ambitious lottery we have ever launched and we hope everyone will get involved to help build a new long-term care home for our community. Current and future Dundas Manor residents deserve nothing less.”

Tickets are $30 each, 5 tickets for $100, or 25 tickets for $250. Only 200 people can purchase the big bundle of 25 tickets, so get yours early!

And even better! The lottery includes three early bird prizes in May, July, and September for $2,500, $2,000 and $1,000 respectively.

You can also add a 50/50 option with 3 tickets for $5, 10 for $10, 60 for $30, or 200 for $70. The guaranteed winning  ticket is $9,995 but it could be much more!

The final draw takes place on September 30. To get your tickets, visit Tickets are only available online.

“When you play the WDMH Foundation’s Raise the Roof lottery, you are changing the lives of many people,” sums up Kristen. “You are helping to give Dundas Manor residents more privacy, add 30 more beds to the home, keep families together who are living apart, give every resident a window, add more dining space … just to name a few! Thanks for your support and good luck!”

For more details about the Dundas Manor campaign, please visit or contact the WDMH Foundation team at 613-774-2422 ext. 6169.


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