Trevor and Patti Johnson enjoy creating new desserts, gourmet cakes, breads and savoury items like soups and meat pies

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Violets on Main Village Bakery owners, Patti and Trevor Johnson, say they’re introducing new creations along with serving your favourites after purchasing the popular Nana B’s Bakery business. Former owner Anne Barr retired last year.

“We hit the ground running,” says Patti of their start last September. “This is a very busy business.”

After just a few months, Patti and Trevor are loving the fast pace, and are expanding their offerings. “It’s a new adventure for the two of us, and we love it here,” says Patti. “The community is great, and we like how we can do this together.”

You’ll find everything from specialty breads made by Trevor, including flavoured whites, sourdough, and ancient grain, to cream pies, cookies, butter tarts, croissants, squares, and so much more. Try their meat pies and homemade soups. In May, when the Rideau Canal opens, they plan to offer lunch items.

The couple come from very busy careers. Patti was a fire department dispatcher before they moved from Vancouver to Ottawa 12 years ago. Trevor has worked in air traffic control until now. Patti decided to go back to school for baking and the pastry arts. She has been working at bakeries in Ottawa.

“I’ve always wanted to have my own place,” says Patti, who notes the name, Violets on Main, comes from the day they first came to Merrickville to see the business. There were violets growing along the street at the time. The couple jokingly call each other Mr. and Miss Violet.

“Baking makes us happy, and we have a very good product,” says Patti. “It’s a nice feeling that it’s our own business. If I feel like making Nanaimo bars, I make Nanaimo bars.”

The couple are grateful for their kitchen team and the community support. They also support local charities and causes and use local products whenever possible.

“It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done,” says Trevor, adding that, though busy, it is less stressful and he doesn’t have to travel.

Learn more about Violets on Main Village Bakery by visiting their website and their Facebook and Instagram pages. Give them a call at 613-454-1380, or send an email. They are located at 316 Main Street West.


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