As dedicated advocates for community well‑being, United Way Leeds & Grenville and 3M Canada are excited to announce the upcoming series of Harvest Lunch events, initiatives aimed at providing a wholesome meal to those in need within our community.

The aim is to provide 1,500 free lunches to the most vulnerable in our local community. As we embrace the bountiful harvest season, we recognize the importance of coming together to support our neighbours who are experiencing hunger. The 3M Harvest Lunch is a heartfelt effort to provide nourishing food, foster connections, and raise awareness about the critical issue of food insecurity.

From September 14 to October 6, the 3M Harvest Lunch Team will work with six different United Way agencies and hold ten events across Leeds and Grenville to serve and deliver lunches being provided by local businesses. We’re asking our community to show their local love and purchase a lunch. Every $10 ticket sold buys a meal for a neighbour in need in our community. Meals can be purchased on the website. Simply click the yellow 3M Harvest Lunch banner! Note: a tax receipt will be provided.

The 3M Harvest Lunch is a result of the dedicated efforts of numerous volunteers, local businesses, and community members who have come together to make a positive impact. By uniting around a shared goal, we hope to not only fill empty stomachs but also fill hearts with a sense of belonging and care.

“We believe that every person in our community deserves access to nutritious food and a sense of belonging. The 3M Harvest Lunch is a symbol of unity and compassion where we can all contribute to making a difference,” said Jane Hess, Interim Executive Director United Way Leeds and Grenville.

We extend our gratitude to our event partners for their generous support in making this event possible.

Help contribute to one of our events as we celebrate the spirit of giving and create lasting memories during this heartwarming occasion. Together, we can sow the seeds of change and cultivate a more nourished and connected community.

About United Way Leeds & Grenville

United Way Leeds & Grenville is a non‑profit organization dedicated to improving lives and creating lasting change within the community. Through collaborative partnerships, the organization addresses critical issues in areas such as mental health, food security, housing poverty, and financial stability. United Way Leeds & Grenville relies on the generosity of donors, volunteers, and community leaders to drive meaningful impact and create a stronger, more resilient community. For more information, visit


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