Having just come into the house, after snow blowing paths for us to use and also to clear a way to the bird feeders, I am now able to concentrate on this article. Looking out towards my feeders, I see that I have got three Mourning Doves sitting outside my window and one was actually peering in, as they are wont to do, like my picture in one of my previous NGT efforts! Lovely to see close-up, with their beautiful coloring, and seemingly such gentle birds who don’t seem to want to hassle any other bird and just “get on” with life!

In last week’s chat with you all about an unknown bird that we had visit us recently, I had stated that I and some others didn’t really know what it was and posed the question to yourselves. Since then, I have communicated with another person who is inclined to agree that it was an Indigo Bunting, of which the male is a brilliant blue, but the female and immature male aren’t. The very dark coloring in the picture is probably due to a pigmentation difference from a “normal” colored bird, but beak and some of the other features seem to point to the Indigo Bunting, so rightly, or wrongly, I’m sticking with that for my answer!!

Today’s picture is one of harmony between two different species using the same feeder, without too much “fuss and muss”, which is good to see! The pair of them are somewhat skittish (not Scottish!) in their normal behaviour, so I was fortunate in being able to get a picture of them together. Both the Bluejay and the Cardinal have got outstandingly bright colors that they compliment each other with, quite nicely. Let’s hope that all your birds are adding a little color and joy into your lives too. Stay safe and well.

John Baldwin



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