To everything there is a season


It has been said: “If you are brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with another hello.”

Sometimes in life we need to turn the page and start a new chapter in our life. This is where we find ourselves at the close of 2023. 

As we perform our regular greenhouse cleanup and sorting of pots and garden tools at the end of a growing season, we catch ourselves reminiscing and thinking back over our journey of 25 years of gardening and growing flowers and herbs. Our thoughts go back to the garden tours and talks, as well as farmers markets that we attended in the early years. We reflect on the sheer delight we shared each new season when the seed and plant catalogues arrived in the mail. Combing through these and making plans for each upcoming growing season has been one of our favourite past times, especially while sitting by the fire on a snowy, frigid day. 

Our memories turn to the challenges we have met running a garden nursery, which has put the strut and strength in our steps, and taught us much about ourselves and the gardening world. We thank the cheerful souls who helped start us on our way, as well as our two energetic full time helpers, Earlene and Wendy, who graciously worked tirelessly through each season. We believe that we could not have carried on if not for their tenacity of spirit and enthusiasm. Along with their hard work of planting up pots of soil, sometimes on a very hot day in the spring, we all managed to share a joke or a laugh or two. 

With the ongoing joy of watching a seed bloom into a beautiful flower, we have tentative plans to carry on growing a reduced and manageable number of plants to sell at local farmers’ markets.  Also, with more free time to attend to our gardens, we invite and welcome any enthusiastic gardening soul who passes by to stroll the garden path with us and share some friendly conversation! 

We will miss our faithful customers whom we have come to know over the years and the encouragement and warmth of friendship that they offered. 

Fare-thee-well, Gardening Friends.

Chris ‘n Claudia
Forget-me-Not Herbs ‘n Flowers 



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