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I hope that this new year has found you in good health and spirits and looking forward to another eventful bird watching and enjoyable year, as I am.

Having been rather spoilt by the sighting in mid-December of the two Coopers Hawks in the garden, there has been, seemingly, rather a lull in bird activity which I haven’t been able to attribute to them (the Hawks), because other friends have noticed the same lull too. There are, of course, birds still coming to the feeders, but I guess that I am becoming a bit blasé as to their ever-presence and don’t appear to be taking so much notice of them. But this isn’t true as I obviously do pay attention to them, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to write my weekly articles for you! 

To prove this to myself, I just sat in my front window with my camera and took some pictures of those birds that were feeding on the ground, on the fixed feeders, and up at the hanging feeders on the trees or suspended under the eaves in front of our big front-room window. It wasn’t long before I had pictures of quite a variety of different breeds who are our “regulars” here. I was into double figures in a very short time and still hadn’t got some of the other frequent “attendees”, so I guess I should be very pleased at that!

My obvious conclusion regarding a “lull” is that, maybe, there isn’t one, but my reason for thinking that is that there aren’t many birds showing up in the garden who are “different”! Yes! That could be it! Usually, most of us get some of the migratory birds “calling-in” en route on their journeys either north or south, adding that little bit of variety to our garden-bird sightings; so, with the warmer temperatures, this pattern may have changed for the recently-passed migratory season and we haven’t seen so many of them at all. Maybe you have noticed some changes too in that respect? The Canada Geese seemed to linger longer this time through! Out of interest, my theory is just that, my own, and not based on anything other than what I perceive for myself, so please don’t quote this as being fact, I am not an expert!

With the colder weather threatening to take hold over the next few days and weeks, please be careful and stay safe and well.


John Baldwin


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