Stand by Me

Helen Lear.
Kemptville Retirement Living

A HUGE thank you to the North Grenville Photography Club for joining this project to photograph seniors in our community. Seniors are coping during isolation; however like most of us, the loneliness from being apart from loved ones and the ‘normal’ way of life is there. Please remember to stop and say hello to your neighbour (we now know the 6’ rule ) or call on the telephone, or wave when you see them at the window or outside. Another component we would like to add to these segments is advice from seniors. Do you have advice for those of us following? It can relate to anything, and it doesn’t have to include your photo if you would prefer. Now Seniors, we are looking for people to photograph, and some advice from you… please contact Maggie at [email protected] or 613-215-0735; or Susan Smith at KDHSI Seniors’ Community Services 613-258-3203 or [email protected] We look forward to hearing from you!

(Dot) Dorothy LeBlanc Kemptville Retirement Living

“We have been fortunate that Covid 19 virus has not affected our residence. This is due to the vigilance of staff and the people living here. I personally am grateful for the smiles and kind words that I have both given and received and new friendships formed. They have had a positive effect on how I feel physically, and emotionally. They also helped to ease the loneliness of missing family. Those friendships are like gems that shine out to let me know that I am not alone.” –


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