Slow down in Community Safety Zones – Fines doubled


submitted by North Grenville Police Services Board

As the weather gets warmer, more students will be walking and biking to and from school.

The North Grenville Police Services Board is reminding motorists to slow down in Community Safety Zones and School Zones.

“Road safety and active transportation is a priority for Council. Consequently, we have made a number of changes to make it safer for students to walk and bike to and from school,” emphasized Mayor Nancy Peckford.

Community Safety Zone: A Community Safety Zone is an area where public safety is of special concern, such as areas around schools. Fines are doubled if caught speeding in the area.

School Zone: A School Zone is an area within 150 metres on either side of a school which has a lower speed limit during school hours.

“Community Safety Zones are clearly marked with road signs and we encourage motorists to slow down in these zones. And a reminder – if caught speeding in a Community Safety Zone, the fines are doubled,” added Deputy Mayor John Barclay.

Community Safety Zones are located along County Road 44, Concession Road and Clothier Street. Slowdown in school zones and be extra cautious.

A crossing guard is also available at the intersection of Concession Road and County Road 44 every weekday before and after school.

Safe Walking Route Maps: The Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit, along with their active school travel partners, developed safe walking route maps families can use to incorporate active travel into their day.

If it isn’t feasible to walk the entire way, consider parking a block or two away from the school and walk the rest of the way. This will help reduce congestion in school parking lots and is a great way to be active. The maps can be downloaded at

Community-wide speed limit reduction in Kemptville: A reminder that the Municipality of North Grenville has implemented a community-wide 40 km/h speed limit in the urban core of Kemptville and rural subdivisions.

Led by the North Grenville Police Services Board, the Road Safety public awareness campaign aims to promote safe driving behaviours and make roads in North Grenville safer for all users.

For more details on the road safety campaign, including safe route school maps, visit

Schools in North Grenville with a Safety Zone designation:

  1. Oxford-on-Rideau Public School (50 Water St., Oxford Mills) – School Zone with speed limit of 50 km/hr.
  2. Kemptville Public School (County Road 44) – Community Safety Zone with speed limit of 60 km/hr.
  3. Rivière-Rideau/Académie Notre Dame (Kemptville Campus) – County Road 44 (south of Concession Road) – Community Safety Zone with speed limit of 50 km/hr.
  4. North Grenville District High School and South Branch Public School (Concession Road) – Community Safety Zone with speed limit of 40 km/hr.
  5. Holy Cross Catholic School (Clothier Street) – Community Safety Zone with speed limit of 40 km/hr.
  6. St. Mike’s High School (County Road 43) – School Zone with speed limit that changes during school hours from 60 km/hr to 40 km/hr.



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