We don’t control the mail


Every now and again, we get a call at the Times from someone complaining about the Post Office. Usually, it is because they didn’t get their copy of the Times, and I have to tell them that they need to call the Post Office to let them know. However, you can’t phone the post office in North Grenville. If you need to talk to someone, you have to go in, in person. The Times goes out as bulk mail and reaches, or is supposed to, every home in NG.

This week, my caller was different. He wanted to stop having the paper delivered to his home. That is fine, but I told him this is something he has to take up with the Post Office, it is out of my hands. But he was not happy with my answer and seemed to think I could do something about it. Then he went on to tell me about how the Post Office, the Municipality and the Times had actually made the decision to change his mailing address. For some reason, he thinks we have great influence with mayor and council and the post office. It’s impressive that a local paper has this much influence!

You know, I don’t even wish this to be true. Well, maybe I wish we had more influence with the post office. But no-one should have that kind of power. Yes, I do consider myself well acquainted with the present council. Not that I personally hang out with any of them other than occasionally meeting them for a coffee or a drink, to discuss articles, etc…

This council has been the most approachable one I have known in the 30 years of living here.

But this caller then went on to talk about last year’s election, and how we misinformed the public. I don’t know why he, and others like him, think North Grenville citizens are not mature enough to think for themselves and look at the facts. And, once again, may I point out that the Times is liable for any lies we might print. Newspapers and other mainstream media have to be very careful. We are held accountable, different rules for us than for social media posts. Just take a look at what is going on right now with Fox News in the States. Misinformation is dangerous, so I would hope that the residents of NG are a lot more intelligent than to simply accept everything they read or hear without question.

During last year’s election, I saw a lot of misinformation on social media as well as downright lies, about the Council and about the paper. But, in the end, the voters made their decision, because they used their intelligence rather than what they saw posted on social media.

One local resident recently posted some very negative things on social media about the OPP, misinforming the public on the reality of the situation. The OPP is not perfect but legitimate criticism never needs to use misinformation of lies to make a point. The truth matters, and the truth is, the Times doesn’t control anything!


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