Slow down for safety


A message from the North Grenville Police Services Board

submitted by Jill Sturdy, Municipality of NG

The North Grenville Police Services Board is reminding drivers to slow down and follow the speed limits. Speeding is the number 1 cause of death on the roads.

“Speed is among the top concerns expressed by residents in recent years,” said Mayor Nancy Peckford. “Reducing speeds is one way we can improve road safety, along with other tools.”

The Municipality implemented a community-wide 40 km/h speed limit in the urban core of Kemptville and in rural subdivisions. Municipal roads through the rural hamlets have also implemented a 40km/hr limit.

“For the safety of all road users, drivers are reminded to follow the posted speed limits,” said Deputy Mayor John Barclay and Chair of the North Grenville Police Services Board. “This will keep our roads safe and avoid unnecessary fines and penalties.”

Excessive speed may lead to demerit points and significant fines. Stunt driving (driving in excess of 50 km/hr or more over the speed limit) will result in a 30-day licence suspension.

If residents wish to report a car that is speeding, please contact the OPP at 1-888-310-1122 or submit a detailed traffic report online at (Click on “Report Online”). For all emergencies call 9-1-1.

For ongoing traffic concerns, residents are encouraged to fill out a Traffic Concern Form on the municipal website (click on the Service Request icon at Forms are directed to Public Works staff to determine the course of action. The complaint may also be forwarded to the North Grenville Police Services Board.

Led by the North Grenville Police Services Board, the Road Safety public awareness campaign aims to promote safe driving behaviours and make roads in North Grenville safer for all users. For more information on Road Safety in North Grenville, visit:


  1. I have long been after the council and Mayor Peckford to get traffic to slow down. As background, just as Mayor Peckford was going for the first election she and I talked about the speed in and around Kemptville and at that time she promised if elected she would do something about it to make people who exercise more safe so new sidewalks were installed and a bunch of new signs where installed. I took it apon myself to get a petition done to have the community safety zones in place (which happened) but modified as I requested stop signs at Dr. Gordon and Maric Trail and a speed hump installed but I was told that the ambulance service would not like these so they were removed. Later came the most useless piece of speed control….the electronic speed signs, these are a joke as they actually send info to the municipal building so that they can monitor speed and traffic patterns so that enforcement could be in place during peak hours…..doesn’t happen but when the police are there they tell me “its like shooting ducks in a barrel) so speeders keep speeding and nothing is done about it because I was told there are not enough traffic enforcement police in North Grenville area. I keep in touch every now and then will all in the municipal building about this and about two years ago I was told there was supposed to be photo radar installed in the community safety zones but that too has seemed to fall into the lip service part of the ten year plan! I guess the end of this story is NG is too busy worrying about building homes (to bring in more traffic & speeders) and a little less worried about trying to keep a safe small community that we moved into 35 years ago. Now we open up a whole new story about Kemptville becoming more carbon positive due to all the new housing being built and taking away green space that we loved so much, can’t wait to see the next ten years in Kempthaven. I guess each Mayor leaves a legacy and Mayor Peckfords will be the one that made Kemptville an urban center that the original residents didn’t want!


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