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Scammers, otherwise known as swindlers, rip-off artists, cheaters etc., are still preying on people right here in our community. They can be really convincing and pushy; and some of them are downright rude. Their mission/job is to get money from us by their many stories and ploys and sometimes smooth talking.

We now know that these scammers have the technology to make it look like the calls originate from a local area code. Why would we doubt someone calling from our area? Chances are they aren’t calling from our province, country or even continent. It is estimated that these are multi-million dollar businesses profiting from trusting people who willingly ‘hand over’ money to these new type of thieves.

It is said that ‘the best offense is a good defense’ and in this case Knowledge is our defense to protecting ourselves.

Scams can be in person, over the telephone, in the mail, or via our computers. They can be surveys, contests, pop up videos on your computer/device, calls about your computer being compromised and that you should turn it on etc. They can profess being from banks; from Canada Revenue Agency saying that money is owed and that there is a warrant out for our arrest; calls supposedly on behalf of family members that are in trouble and need money immediately…and the list goes on and on of the various scams!

There is a lot of great information on the Government of Canada: Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre website:  “Protect yourself”

Remember, legitimate telemarketers have nothing to hide.

However, criminals will say anything to part you from your hard-earned money.

Be cautious. You have the right to check out any caller by requesting written information, a call back number, references and time to think over the offer.

Legitimate business people will be happy to provide you with that information. After all, they want the “bad guys” out of business too. Always be careful about providing confidential personal information, especially banking or credit card details, unless you are certain the company is legitimate. And, if you have doubts about a caller, your best defence is to simply hang up. It’s not rude – it’s smart.

If you’re in doubt, it’s wise to ask the advice of a close friend or relative, or even your banker. Rely on people you can trust.

Remember, you can Stop Phone Fraud – Just Hang Up!” (

As always you can contact us at Kemptville & District Home Support to discuss any concerns you may have. Together we can keep each other informed by talking about ways to keep safe and protected. People supporting each other are what has always made great communities – and will continue to do so.

Until next time,
Susan Smith, Executive Director Kemptville & District Home Support


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