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On Saturday, August 25, friends and family members, from as far away as Nova Scotia, Alberta, Woodstock, Whitby and Toronto, gathered at the Lavigne farm in Oxford Station to celebrate the many good things in Life. At this annual fundraising event,  $3,427 were raised through monetary donations, a silent auction, the stairs of produce and new for this year a live auction and a guess the weight of this bale of hay 50/50 draw. The proceeds from this event will go to Team Adelaide (a local fundraising group for CHEO) and to our local Beth Donavan Hospice. This event was a huge success thanks to the generosity of friends and community. Thank you so much to all who contributed to making this event such a huge success. Thank you StarFire for your second to none evening of great music and for your extremely generous support. Donations to ouradela silent auction, stairs of produce and live auction are very much appreciated.

The Red Room Team: Carol and Marty Lavigne, Irene and Richard Lavigne, Heather and Dave Burns, Corinne Cote and Kathy Enright would like to thank family members and friends for coming out and celebrating the many good things in Life and for helping us to make a difference. Our next scheduled fundraising event is August 24, 2019. Life is truly good!

Kathy Enright


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