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Puzzle enthusiasts and families alike are gearing up for an exciting event organized by the Rotary Club of Kemptville. On February 25, St John’s United Church at 400 Prescott St. will be buzzing with excitement as teams gather for a day of friendly competition and brain-teasing fun.

The highlight of the event? A family and friends puzzle challenge that promises thrills for all ages. Participants are encouraged to team up in groups of two or more to tackle a series of puzzling challenges. The action kicks off at 2 pm with the first challenge: piecing together a puzzle of less than 200 pieces. With the clock ticking, teams will race against each other to complete their puzzles in record time, vying for the coveted title of fastest puzzlers. Prizes await the top two teams who conquer this initial challenge.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! At 3:30 pm, the intensity ramps up as teams face off in the 500-piece puzzle challenge. With more pieces and greater complexity, this round promises to test the skills and teamwork of even the most seasoned puzzle aficionados. Once again, speed and precision will be key as teams strive to outsmart their opponents and claim victory.

Organizers remind attendees that the location is accessible and to bring indoor footwear to ensure everyone’s comfort throughout the event.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for families and friends to come together, have fun, and put their puzzle-solving skills to the test,” says Nancy Miller-McKenzie of the Rotary Club of Kemptville. “We’re thrilled to host this event and look forward to seeing the community come out in full force.”

With anticipation building and excitement in the air, the Rotary Club of Kemptville invites puzzle enthusiasts of all ages to join in the excitement on February 25. Whether you’re a puzzle pro, or a newcomer to the world of jigsaws, this event promises an afternoon of fun for the whole family. So, mark your calendars, gather your team, register and pay $25 per team challenge, and get ready to puzzle your way to victory!

For more information and to register your team, please contact the Club at, OR at


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