Police Services Board needs your help


In June, the North Grenville Police Services Board (PSB) launched the 2019 Community Survey to gather input from the public to help identify local priorities for the delivery of police services in the Municipality. However, after six weeks, the survey received less than 250 responses, which is not enough to be considered statistically significant.

While the Board very much appreciates the individuals who took the time to respond to the survey, they were very disappointed with such a low response rate given how important police services are to the community and given that the 2019 estimate of policing costs was $2.4 million, or roughly $340 for every property in the Municipality.

As a result, the survey is being re-opened for another four weeks to give members of the public additional time to complete the survey and have their voices heard with regard to policing priorities in North Grenville.

Failure to complete the survey will be interpreted by the Board as residents saying they are satisfied with the current police services and program delivery.

The 2019 Community Survey will provide data to help the PSB fulfil their responsibilities for overseeing the contract for service between the Municipality and the OPP, receiving monthly performance statistics of crime and prevention initiatives, monitoring the performance of the Detachment Commander, and will also be used to provide community input to aid in the development of the Grenville Detachment’s Local Action Plan.

The survey is available through the Municipal website at www.northgrenville.ca – just click the Online Services & Surveys button. Hard copies can be picked up from the Municipal Office (258 County Rd. 44) and the Public Library (1 Water St.). The survey will be available until Friday, October 11, 2019.


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