Pat listening to and watching our loud and enthusiastic singing of "Happy Birthday Pat". I think this photo caught he and Maggie exchanging sticking out of tongues, - hey it's a party! [Photo by Ivan Russell]

Readers of the North Grenville Times will remember, with fondness no doubt, the Trivia Minute challenges published in these pages for many months. The brains behind the trivia was Dr. Patrick Babin, well known in library and social circles in the community. A few months ago, Pat had a bad fall and was in a coma for a few days. He is now recuperating in Dundas Manor in Winchester, and a few of his friends visited him at Dundas Manor on his 87th birthday on June 18.

It was a surprise visit by a bunch of people wearing face masks, so seeing Pat’s reactions as he recognized his friends, and then hearing him banter with us, was wonderful. Almost like the Pat we all knew a while back. We were separated from Pat by glass windows, which reflected lots of shadows and background light, and blocked all sound, so we were connected via cell phones which picked up lots of background noise but the Dundas Manor staff assisted Pat with identifying who he was talking with, and relaying what they were saying when necessary.

Thus we enjoyed a happy and alert Pat, bouncing from person to person and subject to subject as only Pat can. And my hearfelt appreciation to the staff at Dundas Manor for having set up this visiting arrangement, arranging our group visit, and mainly for taking such good care of our valued friend Dr Pat Babin.


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