In these days of physical distancing and isolation, you have to be a lot more creative when you want to celebrate a family milestone. So, when Barbara Breau’s 90th birthday arrived last weekend, her niece, Paula, organised a drive by, but with a different twist. Instead of everyone driving by Barbara’s house to wish her a Happy Birthday, Paula had her aunt driven through her neighbourhood, where a reception was waiting.

It was a sunny day for a change, and neighbours lined up in their driveways as she passed by. Her daughters were there to greet her. This came as a total surprise to Barbara. Paula Dale and her husband, Fred Asselin, had gone door to door to Barbara’s neighbours in the days beforehand, and organised everyone to create signs, or hold balloons which Paula and Fred supplied. The balloons were attached to Barbara’s car as they went by. Bradley, Hazel and Isabelle Ivany designed the chalk drawing on the driveway to wish their neighbour a Happy Birthday.

Barbara was born in PEI and is from a medical family. Her father was a doctor, and Barbara worked as a Registered Nurse from Summerside, PEI, to Boston, Montreal, and finally in Ottawa at St. Mary’s Maternity Home. Barbara and her husband, George, came to live in North Grenville fifteen years ago, looking for a quiet life away from the big city. It was such a pleasure to see all of Paula and Fred’s efforts come together so well on the big day.

Happy Birthday, Barbara!


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