An area along Parkinson Street in downtown Kemptville, which a local resident deems to be a hazard for pedestrians.

A complaint about an inadequate railing from an anonymous resident has been met with a response from the Municipality providing useful information about Public Works service requests. The downtown Kemptville resident raised concerns last week about the lack of a proper railing guarding the edge of Parkinson Street.

The resident – who wished to remain anonymous – told the Times that she observes many families walking down Parkinson Street and over the bridge, which has no railing along the sidewalk. Considering that there is a drop off into a little stream, the resident questions the safety of the bridge with no barrier in place to help prevent falls. She also points out that a fence was recently installed along the rail trail nearby, causing her to wonder why the Parkinson Street bridge was not similarly looked after.

The Times contacted the Municipality of North Grenville to bring the resident’s concerns forward. A spokesperson confirmed that the Municipality would send a Public Works team out right away to assess the area. “This is the first concern the Municipality has received regarding the sidewalk and bollards along Parkinson Street,” said Jill Sturdy of the Municipality of North Grenville. “Public Works staff are doing a site visit and will undertake a full assessment of the area.”

Since matters such as safety concerns are taken very seriously, Jill pointed out that they would appreciate more information. “It would be helpful if the resident with the concern could share a bit more information with us regarding their concern, as a means of following up with them directly,” Jill added. Anyone else with concerns would be welcome to share them as well.

Concerns about safety matters in North Grenville can be reported online, or via a hard copy complaint form. Some residents may not be aware of the availability of this streamlined “service request” option, which can help avoid “phone tag” for the Municipality and prevent residents from feeling as though their genuine concerns are being ignored, when in fact they haven’t yet been brought to the attention of municipal staff.

“We encourage residents to fill out a service request form with their concerns and/or suggestions,” said Jill. “This will ensure the message is directed to the correct municipal department and assessed in a timely fashion.”

To access the service request form, visit and click on the “Service Request” icon. Hard copies are also available at the North Grenville Municipal Centre, located at 285 County Road 44 in Kemptville.


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