Oxford-on-Rideau Tech at Queens Park


Last week, the little school of Oxford-on-Rideau made it to provincial parliament at Queens Park. MPP of Leeds and Grenville, Steve Clark, made a statement to the Legislature, talking about the Oxford-on-Rideau Tech Club which celebrated its grand opening at the end of November.

On his Facebook page, Steve explained why he spoke to the Legislature about the program. “I was so impressed by what I saw at the official opening of the amazing Oxford on Rideau Tech program last week at Oxford-on-Rideau Public School UCDSB that I had to tell the entire province about it.

The school community has been through a very difficult year. But they’ve accomplished something very special with this leading-edge coding, robotics and computer science program.

Students are so excited to learn skills that they’ll need to succeed in today’s world. As I said in the Legislature, this is also a lesson that any school – regardless of size or location – can offer these leading-edge programs. Thanks to everyone involved, especially Brent and Katie Lekx-Toniolo.”

Steve paid tribute to the Lekx-Toliolo family and spoke about the Open House he attended at the school: “It was an incredible night to celebrate how a dedicated group of parents brought a leading-edge coding, computer science and robotics program to this small rural school,” Steve told the house. “To see the young students so enthused about what they were doing was truly inspiring.”

A video of Steve’s speech to the Ontario Legislature can be found on his Facebook page: www.facebook.com/pg/steveclarkmpp/posts.


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