Door decorating at Oxford-on-Rideau


submitted by Brad O’Neil

Kindergarten students at Oxford-on-Rideau PS partnered with students in the Grade 4/5 classroom for a special holiday contest this year. Each classroom designed a door with a winter theme and the Kindergarten students travelled with their Grade 4/5 partners to tour and view all the creations. There was lots of curiosity and discussion when they returned about the “best” door. The Kindergarten students then created a picture survey of each door and distributed these amongst all students in all classes. Each student in the school identified the door that they thought was the “best”. The kindergartens collected all of these sheets and with their Grade 4/5 partners sorted and then counted the responses to come up with the winner.  The kindergartens did the counting and the Grade 4/5 students graphed the results from the collected data. Ultimately, a winner was chosen for the classroom with the “best” door.  The winning class was given the opportunity to design and decorate the Principal’s door.  What a fantastic learning adventure that involves the spirit and magic of the holiday season!


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