Osgoode author finds new passion in writing


It is not uncommon for new authors from the local area to join the writing scene, but one Osgoode author is unique in that writing a book is not something she was ever particularly interested in. Emily Leigh Curtis is the author behind “Jodi’s Story” – a new release fiction novel that promises to be hard to put down. Emily’s writing process is almost as interesting as the book itself. 

“I have honestly never really been interested in writing,” said Emily. “I did like to do writing assignments in school and would make up little stories for my boys. I also wrote a lot of reports for work and one newspaper article. “Jodi’s Story”, however, just came to me at a difficult time, and her story wanted to be told. The first paragraph came to me while out for a walk and then it just started pouring out.”

For someone who admits to being previously uninterested in writing, it may surprise readers to know that Emily found writing the book to be the easy part! “It was so cathartic for me, and to see her story come to life was pure beauty,” Emily explained. “Holding a copy, a real copy of something I wrote in my hands was the most amazing feeling and accomplishment.”

The hard part? The logistics of publishing! “I have had many struggles with the book, mostly around trying to get it published, and trying to sell the book on a small budget,” Emily added. “Also, it was unnerving to know that my work was out there and people and others would read something so personal. The fear of judgement was very scary.”

Jodi’s Story explores themes of abuse, drug use, and societal failings. A description of the book available on Emily’s website reads in part: “With gripping imagery and stark detail, Jodi’s Story is one that needs to be told. Just trying to survive, doing whatever needs to be done, Jodi reveals the humanity that most people don’t want to consider.”

Emily’s inspiration for “Jodi’s Story” comes partially from a personal place. “I have struggled with addiction for the past eight years,” she revealed. “Finally, when things got really bad, I went into a treatment facility. There, I met very many people from many walks of life. All had trauma and we all shared the pain and struggles of our disease. It was there that Jodi came alive. Her story was a twist of a collective group’s experiences and stories.”

As is often the case, the local area helped inspire Emily’s book as well. “During one scene in the book, the character is taken back to what I picture is this area, and I thought it was important to show that good small town life could be such a safe haven,” said Emily. “One of the bad guys returns home to the safety of our community which was and still is remembered as a place of goodness before things went wrong.”

To learn more about Emily or “Jodi’s Story”, visit https://www.emilyleighcurtis.ca/. Purchase links to various retailers can be found by clicking the “Bookstore” link on the website.


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