Confusion still remains as we try to sort out in our own minds what on earth is happening on a day-to-day basis with our weather. No wonder I am getting to see more Canada Geese flying south than the other way round! The other day we were being entertained by birds enjoying the sun’s warmth in a small water dish, and today we are watching some snowflakes pass the window! Let’s hope that the birds aren’t affected too much and they keep on arriving.

Each day, different ones appear, providing us with a continual change of variety, and also of colours, on which to feast our eyes and test our memories as to which one is which. The many different Sparrows can do this, as they appear and tease us with their very similar features, like eye stripes and head coloring. The particular ones that I am talking about are the Chipping Sparrow and the Tree Sparrow, which are easy to confuse. Not quite so is the White Throated Sparrow, which has yellow eye markings and white stripes on its head, not too dissimilar to a white Crowned Sparrow. The yellow is lacking on the latter, but a casual glance can lead to the wrong conclusion sometimes, as you probably know yourself! 

Some of our birds are “all year” inhabitants, who tend to look a bit dowdy during the winter months, but are now transforming themselves into their beautiful and bright Spring and Summer outfits. I am, of course, talking about the Goldfinches, who, seemingly overnight, can change their color, which is just amazing! Hopefully you are getting to see and notice some of these changes for yourselves, and also get some views of birds that you might not be too familiar with. Stay safe and well,

John Baldwin



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