Now more than ever


None of us have been unaffected by this virus. Our entire worlds have been turned upside down. When I wake up every morning, I want this to just be a bad nightmare. But it isn’t and we have to move forward, trying in our own way to make it as normal as possible.

It is hard to keep going. How do we cope? How do we help, step outside of ourselves, when we are told to keep to ourselves?

Have you called your neighbour lately? Have you checked in with someone you know who is elderly, our most vulnerable? I am trying to keep a brave face. When I have to go out, I wave to people, or just smile. A smile costs us nothing and it is a way of communicating. Are you going out for a daily walk, exercising at home? Keep a puzzle on the table, and, every now and then, put some pieces together. It will soon be time for gardening. Maybe help that neighbour across the street from you, always maintaining that physical distance. There are so many ways to reach out to others, while maintaining that distance.

Every time I hear of a local business closing down, I just want to cry. Now, more than ever, it is time to support our local businesses; the ones that have kept their doors open, or to order takeout by phone. Our local businesses are the soul of this community. They are the ones that donate time after time, to either your child’s soccer, to a community event, or to a seniors event. Almost every one of our local businesses donate back to this community and now is the time to give them even more of your support.  They need you, now more than ever.

I have talked to many of them. We are all in this together, and at this time we need to support not only those most vulnerable, but also those businesses that have given back, time after time, to this community.

Are you tired of your home cooked meals? You can call a caterer, or our local coffee shop, and they will deliver. Afraid of going out to get your groceries? Call up our local grocery store and they can place your order and deliver it. Have some handyman projects that need to get done, and you have time on your hands? Call up your local supplier and they will fill your order and deliver it to your door. Need financial advice just a phone call away. Your local garages are taking precautions, but are open to serve you. The list goes on.

There are so many ways we can help each other, now more than ever. Don’t despair, because we are all in this together (something I hear over and over again) and this is so true. It is what keeps me going on a daily basis.

Now more than ever.


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