A “Peppa Pig” children’s toy that was lost (and found) in Kemptville earlier this month has caused North Grenville residents to go hog-wild with joy as they receive regular updates from Peppa’s temporary caregiver, Lise Kingsbury. A campaign to get Peppa home to her child owner for Christmas has made headlines and attracted the attention of multiple media outlets. 

The story of the Peppa toy is quite simple. It begins on Friday, December 1, when Lise’s husband – who wishes not to be named – was driving from their home to Kemptville on County Road 44. “Just after the Municipal Centre, he noticed Peppa on the road,” said Lise. “He drove past and then looked in his rearview mirror to see if anyone was coming, reversed and picked her up.”

Lise’s initial social media post about the lost toy was what she would call “normal” – intended to alert parents in their area that she may have their children’s toy safe and available for pick up. Peppa was dirty from having been found on the side of the road. 

“The next day, I started to clean her and thought it would be fun to post again with her bathing photos,” said Lise. “It must have touched people’s hearts because they started giving me tips on how to find her owners, questions on how to help, and requests to keep posting updates daily! Someone mentioned creating the hashtag [#getpeppahomeforchristmas] so I did that. Another said she would post on some bulletin boards around town. People think this is what the Christmas season is all about.”

Since the initial post, Lise has given many daily updates featuring Peppa in many silly scenes, playing amidst festive Christmas decorations and getting up to various activities in Lise’s home. As of the time of writing, Peppa’s owner has still not come forward. 

Lise feels that Peppa is definitely bringing the community together. “Many referenced that this is just like Vanturken from a few years back,” Lise added. “I certainly hope that an owner will come forward. Peppa is looking forward to getting back with her little one.”

The story of Peppa, Lise, and her husband has reached the Moose FM and Move 100 radio stations as well as a local Smith Falls television channel, and she has also been in contact with a reporter from CBC.

“Crazy but sweet,” Lise noted. “This world, especially now, needs this type of news.”


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