North Grenville is booming with development


The September 13 meeting of North Grenville Council, held virtually, was a long one. It lasted almost three hours, which is not atypical for a Council meeting, and speaks to the tiring work completed by local elected officials to keep the wheels of North Grenville turning. 

The regularly scheduled meeting had a very specific vibe last week, as a significant portion of the discussion was related to new developments. Developments discussed included the Hurd Subdivision, and growth on Reuben Crescent, Sanders Street, and County Road 19 among others. 

There is no doubt that North Grenville is absolutely booming with new housing. Perhaps it’s because of the Municipality’s perfect balance of rural charm and plentiful amenities. As with any other situation, some locals are hugely supportive of residential development locally, while others are not. More residents means more financial support for the local businesses that make the community tick, but some are worried that North Grenville will soon be seen as just an extension of Ottawa. 

Communities grow, and things change. Small town residents are stereotypically notorious for hating big changes. A dwindling population, however, would be devastating for any community. Similarly, extending a wish for the local community to remain the same in population would be quite unwelcoming for those who wish to call North Grenville home. Small communities are anything but unwelcome. 

If there is a demand for housing in North Grenville, housing will be built. Council has been busy passing the necessary zoning amendments and dealing with the other red tape that makes such growth tick. Other routine business was of course discussed at the September 13 meeting, including business that was discussed in closed session, but the necessary focus on matters related to growth and development provides a very telling story. 

There would be little value in trying to summarize a nearly three hour meeting packed tight with tedious business. Readers who are interested in the functions of our local government are encouraged to view the meeting recording at


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