Our Hummingbirds, I think, are just making their last few visits to our feeder before they will be off on their very long migratory flight down to the south of us. Before they had taken their last sip, my wife wanted to get one more shot of them which she did, and quite successfully too! Our “little lady’ Hummingbird obligingly flew up to the feeder, despite those pesky wasps, and presented a nice flying shot of herself for her to take. I have been trying to monitor the feeder activity during the day, but haven’t seen them at all, so I guess that they have departed until next May! We’ll miss them and all the other migratory birds who came and visited us this year to provide us with so much joy and fascination as they went about their daily lives.

Luckily we have still got our good old reliable species which stay with us for the duration, so we have to turn our sights to them and look forward to watching their activities during the upcoming fall and winter seasons. A few Canada Geese honked their way past the house this morning, so no doubt their fellow feathered friends will be appearing soon to make a stop-over in the creek at the end of our road. That is usually quite a spectacular occasion, as they drop down in their small flights (groups) and come in to land on the water with their outstretched wings and legs held rigid and their toes pointing skyward. They then alight into the water with a gentle braking surge of water going on ahead of them and then decaying to their sides and behind them, before they come to a gracious stop. What a magnificent sight to behold and one that always delights the beholder, whoever they are. I, for one, am looking forward to seeing and hearing them again and I hope that you can get to enjoy the same experience too, but as you do, please make sure that you stay safe and well.


John Baldwin



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