North Grenville Arts Guild executive’s remarkable achievements


by Jayne Couch Molony

What a joy it was to have sat down with the ladies who run the NG Arts Guild, a tight team that learns from each other, they have organized ‘some cool stuff around town’. Over the past four years, the ladies have been in constant communication to discuss creative ideas and bringing concepts to fruition, with a tenure marked by creativity, community engagement, and unwavering dedication.

President Tammy Keith, whose philosophy is to present her vision of the world, the problems and beauty with abstract emotion and a prevailing sense of fun.

Vice President Carole Marshall, an accomplished landscape artist who finds inspiration in nature and water reflecting her diverse heritage and contemplative nature.

Treasurer Tabitha Valliant, a self-taught artist who is inspired by the colour and movement of Van Gogh, and the large florals of Georgia O’Keefe. 

And acting Secretary Sharon Billings, Trends in Glass, a stained-glass artisan inspired by medieval cathedrals and the beauty of nature.

Thank you to the Executive Board of the North Grenville Arts Guild’s for their remarkable accomplishments at the helm and for making an indelible mark on the arts scene in the North Grenville community.


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