Young artist joins NG Arts Guild


The beauty and awe of art is something that many people take for granted. In many circles, the arts are mocked, with artists of all types often being expected to work for free. More recently, the arts appear to be making a comeback as a serious trade, and one that makes the world a better place. A local girl is proud to be a part of that movement. 

Jay Russell is a 12 year old grade 7 student at North Grenville District High School. “She has been creating art since she was tiny,” said Jay’s mother, Jennie. “She loves drawing and creating.” Jay has had her work displayed and put up for sale at the now closed shop on Prescott St called Crystal Energies. Through her collaboration with Crystal Energies, Jay sold a few pieces and got some exposure. Then came an even greater honour. 

Jay was recently asked to join the NG Arts Guild as a youth artist. “She attended and had a booth at the November 12 and 13 Art Guild show at the College,” said Jennie. “She did very well.” Jay got lots of exposure at the show, and was able to meet other local artists. She sold two prints of her mushroom series and six commissioned paintings. 

Jay works in all mediums and is always eager to learn new things and hone existing skills. She has taken courses in art locally and paint classes online to try new techniques. At a very young age, she is quickly becoming a notable artist in North Grenville and beyond. 

Arts are important because of the joy, sophistication, and entertainment they provide. Many people tend to dismiss the arts despite enjoying much that they have to offer in one form or another in their day-to-day lives. We enjoy watching television shows and movies, and playing video games, often without realizing the dozens of visual artists, makeup artists, and actors (who are artists in and of themselves) who are employed to make each one possible. For programs with music, composers and musicians can be added to the list of artists who help to make them happen. 

Visual art in the form of paintings and drawings brightens the world and broadens the mind. The North Grenville community continues to be a strong supporter of the arts, and this is something of which we can certainly be proud.



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