L-R: Margaret Bond, Carolyn Paterson, Jennifer Gow, Harrison Campbell, Jayne Couch Molony (missing form photo Art Barbie)

Jayne Couch Molony, assisted by Jennifer Gow, has been leading a weekly Saturday morning art class for kids and adults alike at the North Grenville Public Library. It’s a free drop-in class for anyone regardless of skill, experience or training, and the Community Grant Program helps pay for the supplies used. As part of their class, some of the students were issued the challenge of doing a portrait of Mayor Peckford.

This past Saturday, their work was unveiled, with the Mayor and Councillors Deb Wilson and Dorreen O’Sullivan in attendance. No need to have Nancy Peckford in this photo op, there were already five of her to choose from, and I do think that Nancy was taken by surprise.

Well done to all the students who participated, and many thanks to Jayne and Jennifer for their commitment to the arts. Jennifer’s painting was donated to the Mayor. After the event, we were all able to enjoy the Street Piano event, starring the Folk Club group led by our own Peter Johnson. Art and music, a very creative way to spend an afternoon.

NG is truly blessed with all this talent and those willing to share it.



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