New brush amnesty days at landfill


The Village of Merrickville-Wolford has added six brush amnesty days at the landfill to the schedule for 2021. 

The decision was made at the council meeting of March 22, in response to residents requesting more opportunities to bring brush to the landfill free of charge. “This is building on last year with comments from the public and recommendations from staff that we have some additional days,” Mayor Struthers said. 

The brush amnesty days for 2021 are April 3, April 10, June 5, June 12, September 4 and September 11. Each household will be allowed to bring a maximum of one half-ton truck or a 4’x 8′ trailer of brush to the landfill free of charge. 

Deputy Mayor Michael Cameron said at the meeting that while he is sure that the residents will appreciate the extra days, the municipality might want to look at setting more of a schedule to ensure they know when the brush amnesty days are occurring at the landfill. “I was wondering if it may be something that we may look at, increasing that standard and doing a Spring, Summer and Fall and making it an annual thing so that they will be well aware that it’s coming,” he said. 

Mayor Struthers said this could be something they could look at for next year. For now, Manager of Operations, Brad Cole, says notices will be placed on the website, at the landfill and on the community bulletin board. “I’ve received a lot of calls about it already,” he said. “People are looking to watch for it.” 


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