Recycling issues at the Merrickville-Wolford landfill


It appears that Merrickville-Wolford residents have been taking their recycling practices to heart over the past few months, causing a backlog at the municipal landfill. Deputy Mayor, Anne Barr, brought her concerns to council last Monday night, stating that, on several occasions, her recycling donations have been turned away when she visited the landfill over the past month and a half. “I’ve had to either return with my recycling, or have the option of burning the paper or tossing the recycling into the garbage,” she said at the council meeting, adding that she was concerned that this might be due to the capacity of their contractor who is charged with taking the recycling away. “It’s a concern of many of us who want to do recycling well and consistently.”

Councillor Chuck MacInnis says he believes part of the backlog is due to the fact that the environmental advisory committee has done more work encouraging people to recycle.

“There has been a greater demand on our recycling facilities,” he said at the meeting. “The capacity needs to be increased.”

Resident, Ivan Wood, added to the conversation during the public question period, asking for clarification on what types of materials can be taken for recycling at the landfill in Merrickville. “I’d like to see waste management increase the type of materials they take for recycling,” he told council. He says they refuse to recycle any Styrofoam, even if it has a recycling symbol on it with the appropriate number. “It just goes into the landfill,” he says.

Mayor David Nash said they will be looking into recycling at the landfill to ensure there is enough capacity to meet demand and to clarify the types of materials they are able to take for processing.



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