Meet Gracey Panciuk


by PO2 Dilan Yildirim, RCSCC DEFIANT

Enticed by the opportunity to practice and perform military drill, Able Cadet Gracey Panciuk is a proud member of RCSCC DEFIANT. She was a Navy League cadet with NLCC ASSINIBOINE up until the age of 12, when she joined Sea Cadets. Born and raised in Kemptville, she has big plans to graduate high school and pursue higher education. Gracey is friendly and welcoming to new cadets. When I initially joined RCSCC DEFIANT, Gracey came over to talk to me and we have been friends ever since. Her favourite memory at the corps is having fun on sports night with her fellow cadets.

Although she has not had the opportunity to attend a Sea Cadet camp yet, due to the new circumstances and COVID-19 safety measures, Able Cadet Gracey Panciuk has attended summer camp with the Navy League Cadet Corps. She cherishes the memories of summer training, where she established many new friendships and strengthened existing ones. Gracey is looking forward to things getting back to normal, like everyone else, and hopes the situation will not put a damper on her education, or her learning.

Like her older sister, Petty Officer Second Class Hailey Panciuk, who was introduced in an earlier article, Able Cadet Gracey Panciuk has participated in RCSCC DEFIANT’s Biathlon and Orienteering teams. What she enjoys most out of orienteering is the moment after practice when she and her teammates come together to discuss their performance and chat. She also got the chance to participate in a regional orienteering competition with the corps.

Gracey is thankful for all the opportunities offered to her by the program, and everything she has learned so far. For her, cadets are a second family, as well as new experiences to look forward to. Able Cadet Gracey Panciuk tells new cadets to participate actively, because it truly is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn new things.


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