Mayor’s Youth Advisory Committee approved


A new Municipal Advisory Committee has been approved by Council. Called The Mayor’s Youth Advisory Committee, it is designed to fill a gap that has been identified in the municipality’s system of consulting with residents on matters of interest and importance to young people. A report to Council by Tammy Hurlbert, Recreation Coordinator for North Grenville, explained the rationale for establishing the new committee.

“As the landscape of North Grenville continues to change and is one of Eastern Ontario’ fastest growing communities, incorporating youth voices and perspectives is key to ensuring that we are adapting and incorporating the needs of all residents.”

Given the lack of opportunities which young people have to express their concerns or to be involved with decision-making in areas of importance to them, the fear was expressed that this would lead to an apathy on the part of that sector of the population regarding municipal government, and a belief that their opinions and attitudes were not considered relevant.

To that end, The Mayor’ Youth Advisory Committee provides youth with a structured opportunity to have a positive impact on the community through support for issues, causes and organizations they are passionate about.

Applicants for places on the committee will be asked to submit an on-line application and, according to the proposed Terms of Reference for the committee, applications for representatives from each high school will be administered and reviewed at each school. Applications will be submitted to the Municipality of North Grenville and reviewed by the selection committee that will consist of the Mayor, a Council member, a representative from the Department of Parks, Recreation & Culture, a representative from the North Grenville Public Library and a representative from the local health unit.

The age range envisaged for members of the committee will be between 14 and 23 years of age.

In summing up the philosophy behind the new committee, the municipality concluded that, “establishment of a Mayor’s Youth Advisory Committee will provide a voice for the youth of North Grenville, while advising the Mayor and Council on the important recreational, social issues, and concerns related to the Municipality’ younger population”.


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