Local COVID-19 Vaccine Status Report


LGL Health Unit

Of the region’s population 12 years of age and over, 91.7% have first doses and 85.8% have second doses (as of August 30, 2021). 904 first doses were administered last week. In youth 12–17, 81.4% have first doses and 71.2% have second doses. In ages 18–29, 73.9% have first doses and 63.2% have second doses.

We encourage those 18–29 to check out the options for getting vaccinated below.

Vaccine Clinics:
A number of clinics are available still in various communities: check our website for the up to date times and dates: https://healthunit.org/health-information/covid-19/protection/vaccine-clinics/

We are working with a number of workplaces to provide clinics on site. Contact us if you would like to provide a clinic at your workplace.

Letters of consent will be sent to all parents of students in Grade 7 and up. Any parent wishing for their child to get COVID-19 immunization at school can send in the consent form.

Vaccine Policies:
We developed a page on our website for workplaces who have questions about developing their own policies for vaccination amongst their employees or about having a clinic on site for employees: healthunit.org/health-information/covid-19/business-re-opening/workplace-covid-19-vaccine-policies.

Provincial Third Booster Doses for Selected Populations:
Those eligible for a third dose are able to bring a letter into one of our clinics from their physician stating they are eligible.

How to Get Vaccinated:
All those born in 2009 and earlier are eligible for a first dose anytime and can get a second dose:

21 days after first dose of Pfizer
28 days after first dose of Moderna (NOW approved for anyone born 2009 and earlier)
8 weeks after first dose of AstraZeneca (18+)

Remember it is important to continue to follow precautions if you have one or even two vaccine doses. We need to keep protecting each other until we are all fully vaccinated.

For more information on COVID-19 vaccines, visit the COVID-19 Protection and Vaccines section of our website.


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