Local Covid-19 update


It was to be expected that there would be a spike in Covid-19 cases in Leeds, Grenville and Lanark once things began to open up again, and that has been the case. Fortunately, it has not proved too serious to date. Between August 18 and August 27, there were nine new confirmed cases in the tri-county area, of which six (6) were in the UCLG East region, that is, within North Grenville, Merrickville-Wolford, Augusta, and Edwardsburg-Cardinal. The other three were in Lanark East region.

The Leeds Grenville & Lanark District Health Unit noted on September 4: “There have been no new COVID-19 cases identified in Leeds, Grenville & Lanark [LGLDHU]since August 27. To date, there has been 365 cases, 4 of which are active, 309 of which have recovered, and 52 of which have been fatal. There are currently 0 active outbreak(s) within institutions.”

Daily COVID-19 case counts peaked in LGLDHU in mid-April. Since the pandemic began, there have been 52 deaths in the Unit’s area, of which 49 were in long-term care facilities, and three in the community. There have been no deaths in the LGLDHU since April 5.

With the re-opening of schools, and an increase in the numbers going back to workplaces, it is vital that everyone continue to abide by the preventative measures recommended by health officials, including face masking and social distancing. Whether you believe these measures are necessary or not, it is an act of solidarity with your community to provide support and encouragement to friends and neighbours during these stressful days.


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