Lions Club signage to be displayed at Village entrance ways


The Village of Merrickville-Wolford will be assisting the Lions Club of Merrickville in placing their logo at the entrance signs to the Village. The request was brought to council at the meeting of January 11, in a letter to CAO Doug Robertson from Club President, Kelvin McGreavy. The letter pointed out that Merrickville-Wolford is a vibrant community made up of many organizations that each contribute in their own way to the quality of life of residents and play an important role in the community. It also highlighted that many visitors, prospective homeowners, and businesspersons look to these organizations as an indicator of health of the community.

“It is a reason that many municipalities, large and small, proudly display emblems of these groups on their entrance signs,” the letter stated.

The Lions Club did have their logo on the entrance signs to the Village in the past, and their letter requested that council consider installing them once again, to increase awareness and mark the Lions Club’s presence in the Village. The letter also requested that other organizations like the Legion, Theatre Night in Merrickville (TNIM), and the Merrickville JazzFest be also given the chance to have their logos or signage displayed at the entrances to the Village. “As enrolment in some of these groups is dwindling, increasing awareness of their presence would go a long way towards keeping them active and continuing their contributions to the cultural life and economic positive impact to the Village.”

Director of Operations, Brad Cole, saw no reason why the Lions Club signage couldn’t be displayed at the entrances to the Village, as long as the signs don’t impede any sight lines for traffic entry onto the roadway, since they are close to some laneways.

Council passed a resolution to direct staff to work with the Lions Club to have their suggested 18-20-inch logo installed at four entrances to the Village. “If the size becomes an issue, working with the Lions Club, and perhaps coming back with either saying they change the size of their logo, or some other alteration,” Mayor Struthers said.

CAO Robertson did note that this resolution addressed the Lions Club logo only, and that any other group that wants to put their signage up would have to make a similar request to council. “Any other requests from other organizations would be brought to council on a one-off basis,” he said.


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