Film Director Terry Jansen

Yet another production company will be filming some scenes for an upcoming movie in North Grenville, adding to the growing list of movie producers who have been attracted to our community’s charm in recent years. Unlike some previous productions, this one will not be filmed in downtown Kemptville, but instead in a private location 10 minutes outside of Kemptville.

The film description was sent to the Times by Kolo Productions, the company responsible for producing it. It reads: “This feature length WW2 drama film follows a group of Canadian soldiers in Holland as they fight against German SS soldiers who refuse to surrender, and are against the clock to save a town from allied artillery shelling. The film will be acted in English, German and Dutch languages. Filming in May 2023, this will be an indie budget film based on a true story. Directed by Terry Jansen.”

A Kolo Productions spokesperson confirmed that the company is aware of North Grenville’s popularity as a filming location. The spokesperson cited “the ease of working with the town Council” and the presence of “older period buildings” as some of North Grenville’s more attractive features, adding “Any location that is easy to work with will usually be an attraction for smaller film producers.”

Unlike some of the other productions that have been filmed locally, North Grenville movie fans will have to wait quite some time – about a year – before seeing this new movie. “We expect the full length feature film to be released sometime in early 2024 in select independent theatres across Ontario and later online with streaming platforms,” the spokesperson confirmed. 

One unique feature of the film in question is the cast itself. At least 30% of the film cast and crew are military veterans or serving military personnel, which is fitting for a movie about World War II. The film will be produced with actors speaking English, Dutch and German.

It is clear that the charm of North Grenville is becoming known far outside the Municipality’s borders. Only time will tell what tourist dollars may come from such growing fame!


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