Letter to the Editor – road painting


Dear Editor,

A thorn in the Mayor’s side… that is what I believe myself to be.

On June 5, I noticed as I drove through downtown Kemptville, that the white stop lines and the yellow crosswalk lines were all faded, barely noticeable after the winter’s snow and salt/sand, thinking the rains of spring must have washed away most of the salt and remaining paint.

It actually caught my eye because the rainbow crosswalk in downtown Kemptville was done and stuck out and I thought to myself “why didn`t they do the rest of the lines, they have the paint machine out anyways.”

Having never questioned my city councillors before, I sent out an email and was told by Mayor Peckford “It definitely will be happening in the next several weeks, from what I understand.”

My response from our Public works staff: “Crosswalk was done by a “specialized” company. The Municipality contracts the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville for all stop bars and centerlines and a local contractor for the yellow ladder and municipal white lines for crosswalks. The painting cannot take place until the weather reaches a specific constant temperature, the areas have been swept of winter sand and debris and there is no wet weather in the forecast. This typically is completed by the end of May and then we proceed with the painting.”

Confused with this response, I questioned the “specific constant temperature”, response… only to be left hanging. 

Mayor Peckford responded on June 6: “Definitely looking to get it done sooner vs later.”

Days and maybe even weeks ensued with no other response.  I have since then sent four other emails questioning with not one response.

I work on the road and I go to Arnprior, Carlton Place, Renfrew, Pembroke, Cassleman, and all have freshly painted lines, making the towns look attractive, clean and cared for.

I guess making Downtown Kemptville look clean isn’t a priority. This is also a safety concern for pedestrians and vehicles.

The Kemptville music festival brought in almost 20,0000 people from different sectors of Ontario, Quebec and even some USA states. This should have been done, so our visitors for that weekend could return home and say how nice and clean Kemptville is, a proud community. 

I left Montreal to move to Kemptville years ago. Montreal is forever under construction. You can smell the corruption. I moved to Kemptville and it was much cleaner and organized. I felt that I was home.

For all we pay in taxes, is it too much to ask that we have a nice clean town to present? Or perhaps a city council that will respond to citizens’ emails?

We are now in mid August. I’m assuming that the crosswalks/stop lines are just as important as the finalizing of the new splash park at Riverside park. 

Lines will be filled when snow falls, just as the splash park will open when school starts.  

It was an observation one sunny June morning. One that I felt the need to share with my town’s mayor and councillors.  I did not know it would drag on this long.  Now I guess I`m “a pain in the ass” within the municipal centre.

My eldest daughter, yesterday (August16), told me that the yellow crosswalk lines were done. I drove by this morning going to work, and it was done but just one part. The city did just one part to shut me up. It should all be done.

The paint machine again was out.

Do I mow half my lawn and put my lawnmower away?

Matthew Lonergan



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