Dear Editor,

Just locked in for my propane for next year at a price 20% higher than last year.  The clear message is prices are going up.

With this reality, we need to continue to encourage our municipal council, and in particular John Barclay and Nancy Peckford, to help drive efforts to bring natural gas to Oxford Mills.

MPP Steve Clark recently announced  Merrickville is receiving (via Enbridge) significant funds to bring gas across the Rideau to the north side of that town.  This $2.46 million Ontario government investment will serve up to 67 residents.

A brief look at the business case for Oxford Mills shows it would serve over 350 homes, businesses, and public institutions (school, community buildings).

Kudos to Merrickville Wolford Mayor Struthers who kept up the political pressure to make this happen.   I know our Mayor Nancy Peckford, North Grenville is up to the task!

Mitch Bloom, Oxford Mills 


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