Letter to the Editor – Kemptville Live


Dear Editor,

Well, wasn’t that a weekend! What an amazing place Kemptville is. We have the best music festival and the most well coordinated, professional and friendly volunteers around. As per Peter Johnson’s article  last week, “A rock & roll song”, we can’t screw this up.  Most people probably don’t realize the hard work and time of volunteers to put on a music festival.  Most people don’t realize that many profits of recycling all the beverage cans and money put into tip jars goes back into the community. This festival needs more recognition and support from NG Council. It is unfortunate that all the hype for the IPM does not apply to Kemptville Live. I don’t think that people realize what we have here in the community and more visibility and support needs to go into it. I agree with Mr. Johnson that the Municipality needs to take a more active role in helping the festival in every way possible and not making it difficult! Music heals the soul. If there are more photo opportunities to be had, let’s see more promoting of this festival.  I know we have a Mayor who likes to have her picture taken, let;s put her to work promoting and financially supporting this festival next year. We don’t want to lose this gem!! 

Rose Daly
Music fan!!



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