Letter to the Editor – COVID-19 Vaccine


Dear Editor,

Kudos to the Leeds Grenville Lanark Health Unit! A week ago, I had a phone call from my doctor’s office to say that they were making appointments for their over 80 patients to receive the Covid-19 vaccination, and appointments were scheduled for both my husband and myself on March 11 at 3:10 pm. We were asked to arrive as close to the scheduled time as possible. We parked and left the car at 3:05. When we entered, we were asked to exchange our face masks for one provided by the Health Unit and within a very few minutes, were ushered to the registration desk to show our health cards and answer a few questions. Rather than the vaccination centre tables I had seen on television, chairs had been placed throughout the room, socially distant from each other of course. We were ushered to our chairs and a few minutes later, a nurse arrived pushing a rolling table and gave us our vaccine injections, my husband and then myself. She gave us information about the vaccine (Pfizer) and asked us to wait 15 minutes before leaving . We were handed a red card to place on the chair when we left to show that the chair was vacant and ready to be cleaned and prepared for the next person. On the way out, we stopped at a desk to get an appointment for our second shot. The whole process took approximately 30 minutes.

As a senior with some mobility issues, I was very concerned that going to what is often called a mass vaccination centre for our vaccinations  would involve long line-ups as we have seen on television. Whoever came up with the idea of the rolling carts coming to us instead of us having to stand and wait our turn was brilliant. I congratulate our local health unit for their well organized vaccination procedures, and the caring volunteers who were there to direct and assist us.

Shirley Price, Kemptville



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