Letter to the Editor – council clarification


Dear Editor,

Re Council Update Jan 25 2024 by Brandon Mayer

I believe that my Council Colleagues will agree that we all  appreciate the ongoing and regular information sharing by Brandon Mayer and the North Grenville Times. Keeping the community informed on the working of your council is important.

In your most recent Council Update, you mentioned my comments regarding keeping up with transportation infrastructure when development is considered. I’d like to clarify that my concern and comments at the council meeting, held on January 17, were related to Active Transportation infrastructure. Specifically, sidewalks and multi-use paths that will allow residents to walk and cycle safely between communities.  

In the near future, County Road 43 will be expanded and will have a multi-use path on both sides, but this is only between Colonnade Mall and  County Road 44. This means that all the development west of CR 44 will be disconnected from the other urban area, with very limited  safe way for pedestrians and cyclists to make their way to shops, churches, schools, and other services. This development included not only Oxford village with over 300 homes, but also the proposed Kemptville Lifestyles at Pinehill Road, and the Urbandale development at Sommerville Rd. The expansion of CR 43 west to Sommerville will likely be a decade away.   

I believe that we must address the need for connectivity as the development happens and not have to catch up. It’s not safe to walk or cycle down the side of CR 43. Two key pillars of the NG Strategic Plan are a Strong, Connected and Vibrant Community, and a Caring Community. I am a strong champion for health and safety. To achieve this, we need the infrastructure for Active Transportation.

Doreen O’Sullivan  – Councillor



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