Letter to the Editor – Climate Change


Dear Editor,

Holy misinformation Bat people of North Grenville, did I really read a letter to the editor last week by climate denier, Christine Dorothy of somewhere, with credentials and proofs of facts, all conveniently absent from her missive?!

Did Christine D., really say: “In no way are we in a climate emergency. Statistically, there are fewer fires, flooding, hurricanes and tornadoes than in previous decades. Polar bears are flourishing, not disappearing. There is nothing urgent about ocean levels rising … annually…”?

I don’t understand your call to arms Christine Dorothy??

I did as you suggested and checked my “senses and (made) reasonable deductions from (my) own observations…” and uhmmm, everything I verified through science, research and objective reporting tells me that we ARE in a global warming/ climate affected emergency.

Christine, I researched thoroughly for any proofs of the words and phrases stated by you as fact…and I found nada! Nothing like what you purported.

I believe you meant to say as SCIENTISTS ARE REPORTING: “that there are many more fires, much more flooding, hurricanes and tornadoes than in previous decades.” But you actually wrote the opposite! To what gain Christine? Why the alternate facts? You also said, and I quote: “There were many more days over 100 degrees than in the last decade. The earth goes in cycles of warming and cooling.” Hey Christine…. Good on ya- that is actually a true fact! Not sure though of its relevance to the full totality and mass of gibberish to which you suggested we pay attention.

You also said: “Remember in the 70’s, when there were fears of another ice age?” Lyrics, Christine, of The Beatles perhaps? Oh yes, I do recall the scare, prompted by Prof. Hubert Lambat, the University of East Anglia, even warned us that: “the full impact of the new ice age will not be upon us for another 10,000 years…” I guess that was pretty scary for us back then! I guess…. *(Windsor Star September 9, 1972.) Yup, even the notable ‘Christian Science Monitor” felt it important in 1972 to warn Americans that a “British climate expert predicts a new ice age…”, however, they did defer to reason and stated that the experts were talking “conditionally”, and “possible long, long term weather trends”.

But, again, Christine you did present us with another verifiable fact:”Climate doesn’t change in a decade or two. It has to be examined in terms of centuries or millennia. Studies on man-made climate change are based on models and supposition. To my knowledge, man-made climate change is a thesis, not proven fact. No amount of money will change the climate! Mother Nature will do her thing with or without us.”

Oh boy….Christine D. Well, your letter was entertaining at least.

Again, perhaps if ‘Citizen suggestions’ (as Christine D. made) are relevant in letters to the editor, then perhaps I can suggest something much more fulfilling to grasp in North Grenville: we just became the #1 community in Canada for community activism/health conscious activities! So let’s set a second goal and have:


Or would that be too chill a response to our (I think) resident climate change denier! Yup, some letter that wuz Ms. Christine Dorothy.

Graeme Waymark


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