KDH unveils - F Vassallo & L MacPherson with Strtegic Plan sign

submitted by Jenny Read

Following extensive stakeholder and community engagement, Kemptville District Hospital (KDH) has released a new Strategic Plan that will guide its way forward in the complex health care environment through 2026. 

Entitled, Your Hospital, Your Community: Growing Together, the new Strategic Plan was developed in collaboration with more than 800 stakeholders: patients, staff, partners, and neighbours. Input was gathered through a variety of modes, including in-depth interviews, a community survey, and a virtual strategic planning workshop facilitated by well-known health futurist, Dr. Zayna Khayat. Following the large group workshop, Dr. Khayat facilitated a smaller virtual strategic planning session at which all the information gathered was synthesized to formulate the new strategic directions.

KDH’s Strategic Plan 2022-2026 is centred on five strategic directions: Person-Centered Care, Service Excellence and Innovation, Team KDH, Strong and Vital Partnerships, and Sustainability and Growth. Four key priorities support each strategic direction.

“We are grateful to everyone who contributed to the development of our new Strategic Plan,” said CEO Frank J. Vassallo.  “Your input allowed us to better understand what our community wants to see grow, change, and improve in the coming years,” he added.

Elizabeth MacPherson, Chair of the KDH Board of Directors, expressed her thanks to Board Member Amy Yee, who oversaw the completion of the new Strategic Plan as Chair of the Board’s Strategic Planning Ad Hoc Committee; MacPherson also acknowledged former Board Member Paul-Emile Cloutier, who initially led the Ad Hoc Committee prior to his departure from the Board. 

The majority of the effort to develop KDH’s new Strategic Plan occurred from February through June of 2021; the work was paused due to the extra responsibilities placed on the hospital administration due to COVID-19 and other stresses.

“We are looking forward to rolling up our sleeves and executing on this new Strategic Plan,” stated Vassallo. “And we are committed to keeping the community informed on how we are doing.” As part of KDH’s commitment to accountability for the Strategic Plan, it will be releasing a report halfway through the term of the Plan to share progress to that point, and then a final report at the end of the term.

The KDH Strategic Plan 2022-2026 can be found here: https://kdh.on.ca/wp-content/strategic-plan-flipbook/2022/

KDH welcomes feedback on its new Strategic Plan, requesting that it be sent to  Lana LeClair, VP Corporate Services, at [email protected].


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