by Paul Cormier

We of the Old Town Kemptville Business Improvement Area are relieved that the Municipal election is finally over and done with. It is our view that this election created a great deal of interest, and the results called overwhelmingly for change in the North Grenville Municipal government. The BIA is most anxious to get on with projects to stimulate the growth of Kemptville’s downtown and we hope and trust that the new Council is on the same page.

And now to business… The Board of Management of the BIA dissolves along with the old Municipal Council as of November 30. We of the Board are charged with continuing with the management of the BIA until new appointments are made. These will take place on November 21, 2018, at our Annual General Meeting. At this time, the general membership of the BIA will elect the nine [9] new Board of Management Directors. Those members in the BIA footprint eligible to vote, according to our By-Law, are:

Property owners, as persons or corporations, who are assessed on the last returned assessment roll, with respect to rateable property in the area that is a business property class; and Tenants of the property.

In addition to the nine Directors elected by the membership, there is also one Municipal representative appointed by Municipal Council, bringing our numbers up to ten [10]. At a later meeting, and as soon as possible, the entire Board of Management will elect its Executive Committee, made up of a Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary. So, the election at the AGM is for the nine available Director positions on the Board of Management, and not for the Executive Committee members.

The Annual General Meeting will take place at the North Grenville Municipal Centre. The agenda is as follows:

Meet & Greet – 6:00 pm – 6:30 pm, refreshments available on site
Annual General Meeting – 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Open meeting: Opening of the meeting by the outgoing Chair, Deb Wilson
Annual and Committee Reports
Annual Report (Deb Wilson)
Financial Report (Stephen Bent)
Events Committee Report (Deb Wilson)
Expansion Committee Report (Stephen Bent)
Nominations to the Board of Management – by application or from the floor
Elections to the Board of Management – Municipal Scrutineer
Member Discussion
Close of meeting: Motion to close

And so, if you are interested in serving on the Board of Management of the Old Town Kemptville Business Improvement Area, we would appreciate your filling out an application, though the application itself is not necessary to be nominated at the AGM. An application will be necessary, however, for approval by the new Municipal Council at their December meeting, since all positions on the BIA Board of Management are approved by the Municipal Council. If you wish to apply to the BIA to serve on the Board of Management and wish to fill out an application ahead of time, simply contact Paul Cormier, Secretary at [email protected].


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