Big Sky Ranch introduces Bullet the Canadian Horse


by Pam Owen

Hello to all friends of Big Sky Ranch that so faithfully look for articles in the North Grenville Times. I recently moved to Big Sky Ranch with my BFF (Best Friend Forever) Hoch. Hoch is a Canadian Morgan horse, and I myself, am a Canadian horse. For my horsey friends, you will already know about my breed, so please stay with me as I briefly let everyone else in on one of Canada’s best kept secrets!

Being a Canadian Horse means that we are the official national horse of Canada! We are one of Canada’s recognized official animal symbols – personally I think we need more recognition because when people are asked, they always say the beaver is the only official animal of our country. Canadian horses were affectionately called “The Little Iron Horse”, known for our calm temperament and hard work ethic. We could perform in harsh conditions, as we are a hardy breed. We were the horses called upon in yesteryears to pull the horse drawn sleighs through the winter streets in Montreal. We came to Canada in the 1600’s, thrived for years, but have dwindled to near extinction. More recently, people have realized that our breed needed help, and we have been carefully nurtured back and our numbers are steadily growing. Canadian horses are part of Canada’s history and have helped us become the great country we are today!

On a more personal note, I mentioned that I came to Big Sky Ranch with my friend Hoch. We had to be surrendered, because our owner could no longer look after us. (Sadly illness, death, or having to move into assisted living are the common reasons animals are surrendered). I am over 20 years old, still in the prime of my life! I am exceptionally strong and sturdy with what has been described as a “magnificent cascading mane and beautiful face.”

My good looks come from my Andalusian ancestry. I like to run like the wind, with my mane flowing behind me and my muscles rippling under my gleaming black coat. I am quite agile and clever on my feet (perhaps I should do agility for horses?). My real strength is my personality; calm, steady, dependable and well-adjusted, and I love making visitors feel relaxed when they are around me. I am quite affectionate and love to snuffle folks with my soft muzzle.

I invite you to come and visit Hoch, myself, and our many friends at Big Sky Ranch Animal Sanctuary. Visitors are welcome to drop off donations to help keep all of us alive and safe. Help me, a horse of great Canadian heritage and heart, to keep the Sanctuary’s legacy alive. You can also visit our website for details,


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