Gord Brown posts new Tax Guide on web site


Gord Brown, Member of Parliament for Leeds-Grenville – Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes, has posted the 2016 version of his popular Tax Guide on his web site.

“It outlines tax breaks available to people and also points out where we are paying higher taxes under the current government,” he says. “Since day one of forming Canada’s Official Opposition, Conservatives have been the voice of the taxpayer. This builds on our strong record of keeping taxes low for families during our years in government. For example, our low-tax measures helped the average Canadian family save over $6,600 per year,” he notes.

The current government has made changes. For example in 2016, the current government made significant changes to income tax brackets and child benefits which greatly affect the savings to which all Canadians have become accustomed. Combined with the loss of tax credits, many families will find themselves paying more and getting less, he explains.

The tax guide also outlines where the current government is looking at raising taxes next year so that people can plan ahead.

The Guide is a 16-page brochure which is divided into sections dealing with tax-related information for families, seniors, home buyers, working Canadians and job creators. Aside from practical tips for taxpayers, it points out the different tax policies of the Conservatives and Liberals, and contains a short survey page at the end. This looks for input on some obvious questions, such as: “Should the government work on keeping taxes low for families, seniors, small businesses and all Canadians?” Whatever about the party political motivation of the Guide, it is a service which will be a great value to residents as they prepare to file their Tax Returns over the coming months.

The annual guide is available at Brown’s web site at www.gordbrownmp.ca. It is a pdf that can be downloaded or printed.


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